Welcome me!

Good day to whoever reads this!

When you have reached this weblog, you probably know me personally or at least know of my work, either my journalistic or my musical endeavors. Whatever the case, I’d like to thank you for taking some of your precious time to visit my little digital playground.

Some of you may be wondering why I have set up this weblog, being typically cynical of many digital developments that have been going on throughout recent years. However, I felt the need to set up a little spot where I can keep those who are interested informed about both my musical and journalistic publications and work-in-progress. Since some people around me have expressed interest in such updates and me – ironically, for a journalist – being below average in keeping people updated, this seemed a good solution. The people I am talking about know who they are and I want to thank you for giving me this little push that I sometimes need.

Things I plan to publish on this blog are announcements on my articles featured in (mainly) Gitarist and Interface, a look behind the scenes on the songs I’m working on either by myself or with my friends in Chaos Asylum and maybe some news facts that I may find interesting to further point out. I guess I am what people call a muso, so some of my ramblings may seem interesting to me, but aren’t to you. Please bear with me in that case!

Starting things off properly, my first post will be an “Album of the week” post. I will plan to make this a weekly thing, but the past has proven that I’m not always good at keeping up with that frequency. That one will follow shortly after this post.

Once again, I’d like to thank all of you for stopping by and please leave a note if you have!



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