Album of the Week 12-2012: OverKill – The Electric Age

To those who know me personally, this album of the week should come as no surprise. OverKill has been my favorite band for at least fifteen years (could have been longer, had I not turned 26 earlier this week) and a new album is always something I’m looking forward to. ‘The Electric Age’ probably even moreso than any other, because its direct predecessor ‘Ironbound’ was the best OverKill album since ‘W.F.O.’ in 1994. ‘The Electric Age’ is a logical successor; the album is stylistically similar to ‘Ironbound’, just a tad faster. Those of you who gave up on OverKill in their Groove Metal age, should give this Thrash grenade a chance.

First thing I noticed during my first spin of the album is what a fantastic drummer Ron Lipnicki is. I liked the drum sound on ‘Ironbound’ better, but his playing is unbelievable. Fast, powerful and Thrashy. What else can you wish for? Well, maybe Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth being every bit as good in his fifties as he was in his twenties and the massive guitar sound of Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer complementing founding bassist DD Verni’s riffs perfectly. Linsk’s solos – decorating an OverKill studio album for a record number of sixth time – are amazing as well.

Looking at the songs, ‘Come And Get It’ is probably the Thrashiest opening track OverKill’s had in years. Their Black Sabbath-influenced habit of changing the song into something completely else halfway through is still there, the shifts are just a tad more Thrashy than before – save for the Doom bit in the middle of old school Metalfest that is ‘Electric Rattlesnake’ – and I can’t wait for the band to open their shows with ‘Come And Get It’.

But there’s more stuff I’d like to hear live. First of all: ‘Save Yourself’. Feel The Fucking Fire anyone? This is less than four minutes of NWOBHM-tinged old school Thrash Metal that fits nicely along ‘Blood And Iron’ and ‘Hammerhead’. Closing track ‘Good Night’ starts out with a breath taking tranquil intro with bass and guitar, but never turns into a ballad. In fact, it turns into a brutal Thrasher after about a minute. ‘All Over But The Shouting’ has this great accompanying lead guitar part building the tension and ’21st Century Man’ and ‘Drop The Hammer Down’ are killer Thrash tunes. In fact, there’s not a single filler in the bunch.

Over thirty years in their existence, OverKill still manages to churn out awesome albums. In fact, with both ‘Ironbound’ and ‘The Electric Age’, OverKill has entered a new highlight in their carreer and I hope it’ll last for many, many more years. The lineup of Ellsworth, Verni, Linsk, Tailer and Lipnicki is the best they’ve had so far. Can’t wait to see them in my former hometown of The Hague later this year!

Recommended tracks: ‘Save Yourself’, ‘Good Night’, ‘Come And Get It’, ‘All Over But The Shouting’

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