New publications in stores now (Slagwerkkrant, Gitarist)

With the release of the new issue of the Slagwerkkrant, yours truly isn’t only a published journalist, but also a published photographer. Included this month is an interview with Dani van Gaalen, drummer of the brilliant Dutch Rock ‘n’ Roll band The Jacks (click for their website) and both the interview and the photo are from my hand. Something that makes it an extra delight to me is that there hardly are any female drummers included in the Slagwerkkrant. I’m glad I could add at least one to the canon with Dani. Other articles include an interview with Vinnie Colaiuta and loads and loads of tests of acoustic and electric drums and hardware.

No bigger articles from me in Gitarist this month, but there is a review on Arjen Lucassen’s new solo album ‘Lost In The New Real’ that I have written. There’s more Arjen Lucassen-related articles coming up in both Gitarist and Interface. You will know as soon as they are in stores. Gitarist has an extended tribute to the sadly deceased Jim Marshall this month and – of course – many pages about this year’s Musikmesse.

Many interviews have taken place these last few weeks and I will keep you informed about releases as soon as I know more!

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