DeWolff and Timo Somers in the new issue of Gitarist

Today, the new issue of Gitarist will land on the shelves in the better book stores. In deed, if it’s not there, your book store sucks! Two interviews and two reviews of yours truly are included this month. I talked to Holland’s own Timo Somers about all the widely different projects he is a part of this year and Pablo van de Poel of our country’s own and brilliant DeWolff tells us all about his favorite guitars, effects and amplifiers. Also, a review of DeWolff’s amazing new album ‘IV’ (which was Album of the Week a couple of weeks ago on this weblog) and a small review of the new Delain record – featuring Timo Somers – are included as well.

Among the other articles are an interesting feature on how to record your guitars, an interesting interview with Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “new kid” Josh Klinghoffer and an awesome interview my chief editor Mark van Schaick conducted with Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard. I really wish he had time to write more, because I always think his stuff is a delight to read.

As of now, the new issue is shaping up nicely. Until that one is out, take your time to read this one!

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