Baroness and Moke? Check the new issue of Gitarist!

Recently, I interviewed guitarists and singers John Dyer Baizley and Pete Adams of the American “psychedelic Metal” – I know that’s not quite accurate, but it’s close enough – quartet Baroness before their show at De-Affaire in Nijmegen. Obviously, this was before their terrible tour bus crash in the UK which caused Baizley to break both of his left limbs and drummer Allan Blickle and bassist Matt Maggioni to suffer from crushed vertebrae. Before I carry on about the actual publication, I’d like to wish all of the band and crew members, all of whom were very kind and sincere people, a speedy recovery.

As for the interview, I was happy to talk to Baizley and Adams before the accident, because we had a very interesting conversation about their new album ‘Yellow & Green’ and a general sense of guitar nerd-ism. In addition, the guys themselves speak out about where to categorize their hard-to-categorize music (conclusion: they don’t want to be categorized) and you might actually come across some surprises soundwise. In addition, I spoke to Amsterdam quintet Moke about their brand new ‘Collider’ album. The result was an interesting conversation about the recordings in Brussels’ renowned ICP Studios and the production process with Gordon Groothedde. I just love talking to people about the process of recording albums. Anyway, an article based on the conversation can be read in the “Op de plaat” section of this month’s issue.

Furthermore, the Gitarist issue that spots the most beautiful cover since I started writing for them features three small reviews I wrote – on Moke’s ‘Collider’, John Coffey’s incredible ‘Bright Companions’ and BloYaTop’s ‘Why Waltz?’ – and there’s an extended feature on the acoustic guitar. As if that isn’t enough, you can enjoy interviews with Ed Sheeran, John Coffey and the incomparable Robert Cray, as well as countless product tests and workshops. Want to learn how to tap on bass or how to play ‘Vortex Omnivium’ by the downright amazing Obscura. They even recorded an instruction video to accompany the workshop.

Now don’t act like you have any reason to not check this out, because this is one hell of a way to enhance the enjoyment of your commute!

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