Please help nominate Orphaned Land for the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize

Dear reader,

Usually, I wouldn’t want to use this weblog to express anything even vaguely resembling politics, but it has been brought to my attention that a petition was set up to nominate Israeli Metal band Orphaned Land for next year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Since I fully support Orphaned Land’s meta-political message, I hereby want to ask anyone who also stands behind their cause to sign the petition as well.

Orphaned Land brings together people from cultures that politicians consistently try to keep apart. Their message of world peace and inter-religious harmony is something that lifts this band above the status of just being a band, while the message doesn’t interfere with the music. Their positivity and open mind denies borders and unites people which public opinion doesn’t want us to believe can be united. Orphaned Land is one of the very few institutes that tries to achieve this in a manner that is completely free of violence, threats, oppression and domination whatsoever. Also, their Middle Eastern Metal tours combine Muslim, Christian, Jewish and Atheist musicians without that playing any part, just letting the music speak above any religion or philosophy. Peace through music may be possible and if it ever will happen, Orphaned Land is very likely to be the band to have initiated it.

You can sign the petition by following this link and provide your name and possibly an explanation why you support this. Just remember you have to speak out if you want anyone to hear you.

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