New interviews in Gitarist and Slagwerkkrant

This post is a little overdue, figuring that the magazines first appeared in stores last week, but if you are interested in my writings, there’s two more magazines for you to check out! First of all, the new issue of the Slagwerkkrant features an interview I had with Carsten Brunsveld from Holland’s own amazing John Coffey. Seriously, I don’t like Hardcore at all, but they just have the right amount of old school Rock ‘n’ Roll energy to make it work. Their album ‘Bright Companions’ is easily the best Dutch Hardcore album I’ve ever heard. We sat down to talk about their recording sessions in Sweden and Carsten’s equipment and influences. As you might have seen: Triggerfinger’s Mario Goossens has the coverstory. Also a killer band!

Gitarist this month features an interesting interview I had with Wintersun’s band brain Jari Mäenpää about the long interval between their debut album and the brand new ‘Time I’ album and the settings on their Axe-FX system. Also, reviews on that album and Devin Townsend’s awesome ‘Epicloud’ are included. And while you’re reading it anyway, be sure to check out the top 30 rhythm guitarists. I won’t tell you who’s leading the list, but I can tell you that I wasn’t surprised. A very justified number one.

There’s a lot more coming up. I’ll try and keep you as up to date as possible!

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