Reasons to (not) buy ‘Machine F**king Head Live’

5 reasons to buy ‘Machine F**king Head Live’:

– The album generally focuses on a much beter era of material than ‘Hellalive’ and features Phil Demmel as a band member on every song, instead of just guesting on a few.
– Six out of seven songs from the most recent ‘Unto The Locust’ album, which I kind of overlooked at the time, are included and they sound great. This actually makes me want to revisit the album.
– The chorus to ‘This Is The End’ isn’t as godawfully annoying (Trivium/Killswitch Engage-style) as on the record here, actually making it quite a pleasant track to listen to.
– ‘Old’
– Both Phil Demmel’s and Robb Flynn’s guitar solos are simply outstanding! Possibly even better than on the studio albums!

5 reasons to not buy ‘Machine F**king Head Live’:

– The mix is downright horrible. The guitars are decent but miss the punch they need – maybe Flynn and Demmel should consider Blackstar amplifiers – and the vocals are somewhat buried beneath the rest every now and then. The sheen of the studio productions is missing. Juan Urteaga can do much better than this and I’m sure, because he has done much better.
– Every time when there’s audience participation, suddenly the audience mics are mixed into the sound loudly, with all the hall reverb included. This accounts for an irritatingly unbalanced sound during most of the choruses.
– Robb Flynn is a much more pleasant listen on the studio albums: he sings much better there, plus you’ll be devoid of his cliché ridden American frontman antics.
– Besides the amazing ‘Halo’, only the mediocre ‘Beautiful Mourning’ and the fairly obvious ‘Aesthetics Of Hate’ are included from 2007’s brilliant ‘The Blackening’.
– The lack of their discography’s highlight ‘Descend The Shades Of Night’.

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