Another Gitarist, another case of “loads of interesting stuff”

Actually, this one has been in stores for about a week and a half now, but I didn’t get around to informing you, due to being extremely busy. Not that this one isn’t interesting: there’s a Shred special, there’s a lengthy feature on Django Reinhardt, there’s a review on yet another ridiculously beautiful Teye guitar – the Gypsy Queen this time – and loads of more interesting stuff.

As for the other interesting stuff, I wrote a few of the articles. There’s a short news message on the Fernandes Vortex Scimitar, a new twelve string V model guitar developed with Melechesh frontman Ashmedi. He enlightened me on the model some time ago and I hope to try one out soon. Also, I spoke with guitarist Peter Visser of the legendary Bettie Serveert about the recordings of their fantastic new album ‘Oh, Mayhem!’ and to top it off, I reviewed the album for this issue as well. I don’t want to reveal too much, but Peter told me an interesting story of the second hand guitar he recorded the album with. In addition, an interview with guitarist Louis Inghels and my good friend bassist Chris Dekker of Rock band The La La Lies is included. Be sure to check their album ‘Pretty Tales And Promises’ if you haven’t already and absorb the majesty of northern Holland.

There’s a lot of other interesting stuff waiting to be issued, so I’ll get back to you on that soon!

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