Recording analog with DeWolff frontman and more in Gitarist and Interface

Recently, I visited the Electrosaurus Southern Sound Studio, owned by Pablo van de Poel, singer and guitarist of DeWolff. He was recording fully analog there with his side project Catawba River Fox. I shot some pictures and talked with Pablo about the studio. Both Gitarist and Interface have published stories about this visit and they’re in stores as we speak.

Gitarist has also published my interview with Limp Bizkit and Black Light Burns guitarist Wes Borland, which includes a big photo taken by yours truly. The photo was the result of my first ever portrait shoot and as such, I am actually kind of proud of it. Also included are my reviews on the new albums by Amazing Stroopwafels guitarist Arie van der Graaf, Blues- and AOR guitarist Jente Hummel and Rock duo Death Letters. Be sure to check out the interview and workshop with Steve Lukather and the semi-acoustic guitar special as well.

Both magazines have extensive features on the NAMM 2013 show. Gear freaks know what to buy. Or at least where to look in order to know what to buy.

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