Review extravaganza and more

Due to my busy schedule, I didn’t get around to informing you earlier, but there are two magazines in Dutch and Belgian stores right now with articles from yours truly. Gitarist, for instance has a load of reviews I wrote, including the amazing debut album of Guild Of Stags (check out Guild Of Stags’ website for a scan of the review), the debut album of King Of The World (featuring Cuby + Blizzards’ Erwin Java), Iced Earth’s new DVD and short reviews on La-Ventura, Ruben Hoeke and Wicked Mystic. Also, I interviewed Arie van der Graaf from Rotterdam’s own Amazing Stroopwafel’s about his solo record and The Death Letters’ frontman Duende about the recordings of their brand new ‘Common Prayers’ record. Highlights include interviews with Robben Ford, Steven Wilson, Orianthi and personal hero Doug Pinnick, as well as a special on the 1960 Les Paul Standard.

For Interface, I had an interview with Reyn Ouwehand, who produced some of my nation’s biggest artists. Interface will host his part at the Muzikantendag of this year and as an introduction, I went out to his studio in a northern Dutch church to talk to him. My favorite interview in this month’s Interface is the one with Todd Rundgren though. There’s a lot of interesting reviews on brand new technology, of which the Korg MS-20 Mini displayed on the cover drew most of my attention. The best section as always is Analogica, this time looking at old Roland synth modules.

Perfect stuff to read on long train rides or quiet Sunday afternoons. I’m having both tomorrow, so I’ll set the example.

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