This month’s physical evidence of journalism and photography

Hendrix never gets old. His death is over four decades ago and still, he’s relevant enough to grace the cover of Holland’s biggest guitar mag. Rightfully so, with the feature on his “new” release ‘People, Hell And Angels’ being a very interesting story. And he’s not the only legend that’s been around a while in this month’s issue: there’s an entire workshop devoted to Eric Clapton’s solo style (I’d take Hendrix over him any day though) and our own Claw Boys Claw tell us about the recordings of their brand new ‘Hammer’ album. As for my contributions, there’s an article about the recent Gibson event with Ryan Roxie which is accompanied by a picture I took and other photography by yours truly is on the last editorial page and includes an interview, my “victim” being Gingerpig frontman (and former Gorefest guitarist) Boudewijn Bonebakker. I have reviewed the new Gingerpig album too, as well as the new albums by Burning Rain, brand new Blues supergroup King Of The World, Colossa, Absence and Bullersrug.

If you are interested in the world of drums and percussion, be sure to check out the new issue of Slagwerkkrant. Gracing this cover (and quite a few editorial pages) is Bram van den Berg, who is in my humble opinion Holland’s best drummer. The only article I did was with The Charm The Fury drummer Mathijs Tieken. As you regulars may know, I’m not into Metalcore at all, but we had a very interesting conversation about recording drums and leaving space as opposed to stuffing music with fills. Spoiler alert: Mathijs is somewhat expert at both. I’d expect this guy to be an esteemed producer in less than a decade. Other interesting articles include interviews with Michael Vatcher, Epica’s Ariën van Weesenbeek and the rhythm section of Skip&Die. And then I’m not evening mentioning the wide array of tests and expert courses…wait, I just did!

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