Loads and loads of Kevy Metal and more in this month’s Gitarist

Although it’s been about five years since I’ve started writing on a somewhat professional level, I still get proud every once in a while. First of all: the new issue of Gitarist features a photo that I have taken (the King Of The World picture) and secondly: there’s quite a few larger articles and pictures I’ve made inside. With my big interview with guitarist Erwin Java (ex-Cuby + Blizzards) and singer/bassist Ruud Weber, there are three pictures I took at their show at Amstelveen’s P60. Also, the conversation we had about the start of the band and the recording of their downright fantastic debut album ‘Can’t Go Home’ is quite interesting. There’s an interview with Dutch Rock band Colossa, who have recently released their surprisingly good second album ‘New Day Rising’, and an interview with guitar legend Uli Jon Roth, which also includes a picture I’ve taken. As you may be able to imagine, I could hardly be more proud.

Besides that, there’s loads of interesting stuff in this month’s issue of Gitarist. There’s a big feature on the golden jubilee of the Gibson Firebird, my respected colleagues Mark van Schaick and Steven Faber went to the factory of Aristides guitars for a brilliant article, there’s an interview with Alice In Chains on their great new opus ‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here’ and Guthrie Govan tells us all about his Charvel guitars. And if that isn’t enough, there are loads of gear and album reviews. I contributed greatly to the latter with reviews on the new Orphaned Land, Rob Orlemans, Seagall, Paul Rose, Hey Kid and both new Queensrÿche albums.

I haven’t had the time to read this front to back, but I will. I hope you will too. Also, I can’t enter for the Marshall fridge as I’m a contributor, but just look how awesome that thing is!

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