Gus G and Aynsley Lister in Gitarist

If you’re Dutch or Belgian and into gear, you should really check out the new issue of Gitarist. There are quite some articles that I wrote, but there’s a lot of other interesting stuff as well. I spoke with Greek guitar hero Gus G about the massive amount of signature gear he has (and it includes one of the best live photos I have ever taken), I had an interesting chat with Aynsley Lister about the equipment he used to record his fantastic new album ‘Home’ (a sneak peak: he took more with him than he eventually used) and I talked with 16 Down frontman Marco Hovius about his new band Hey Kid. Also, reviews I have written on Lister’s ‘Home’ album, the amazing ‘Inhale My World’ album by Belgian Blues man Lightnin’ Guy, Aerosmith’s new DVD, Firewind’s new live album and the debut album by Sound Of Contact, which includes Phil Collins’ son Simon and is an impressive Prog record, are included.

The other articles include an extensive feature on Ibanez’s eighties guitar models – including the fashion and haircuts of the musicians playing them – and an interview with Deep Purple’s Steve Morse. There’s a workshop on how to play guitar within a Latin context and loads of gear reviews. This month’s retro model – besides the wide array of Ibanez guitars of course – is the Dan Armstrong Plexi. And there’s a lot of interesting things lining up as well, so why not consider a subscription?

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