Eelco Gelling is back! Read about it in Gitarist!

Recently, I had the enormous pleasure of talking to Dutch Blues Legend Eelco Gelling – formerly of Cuby + Blizzards and Golden Earring, on whose brilliant ‘Live’ he played – about his return to the stage and possibly the recording front. It seems to be quite a serious task this time; Gelling has recently had his first gigs with Jan Akkerman with his 1960 Les Paul Standard completely cleaned up and restored by Theo Nijssen. This month’s issue of Gitarist, which should be in stores by tomorrow, features Gelling explaining his absence and his return as well as Nijssen explaining the restauration of Gelling’s beloved Les Paul. I consider this one of the most interesting stories I have done so far and I can recommend everyone with more than a passing interest in Dutch music to check this out.

Furthermore, my contributions include an interview with singer/guitarist Gaelian Corluy and bassist Pieter Jan Janssen of Belgian Hardcore/Rock/Industial band Psycho 44. Also from Belgium is D&C Steel Body Guitars, whose Dennis Louis I recently interviewed about his metal guitars (litterally!) instead of wooden ones. My reviews this month are those on ‘Faico Faico’ of the Backcorner Boogie Band (fantastic Dutch Bluesrock!), Dudettes’ debut album ‘Subconscious’ (extremely well written Poprock which is ready for the arenas), Within Temptation’s brand new ‘Hydra’, the new releases by Epica and Mayan, Lone Project’s debut album and the entertaining concept album ‘The Story Of Bloody S. Cash’ by The Covenant.

Need more reasons to buy this issue? Well, if you like Eelco Gelling, you’re certainly going to like Buddy Guy as well (I know I do!) and he’s in the mag as well. Furthermore, there’s an interview with Edison winner Reinier Baas, a visit to the Gibson factory in Memphis and loads of product tests. I know what I’m going to read on my long journey to my interview this Saturday!

  1. Thanks for the review of our album “The Story of Bloody S. Cash”.
    Greetings The Covenant

    • Hello Frank and the rest of The Covenant! I’m glad you liked the review! It was a delight to review your album; great tunes. And great riffs especially!
      My apologies for the late reply, it’s been a pretty hectic week. Good luck with The Covenant and I hope to catch a show of you guys someday soon!

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