Album of the Week 11-2014: WarCry – Inmortal

Although Spain is full of decent Power Metal bands, many of them fail to make any impact internationally because they’re singing in Spanish. Tierra Santa’s records are relatively easy to come by, but in order to obtain a record by the vastly superior WarCry, some effort is required. And that’s too bad, because these Asturians are perfectly capable of putting together a bunch of catchy, melodic and powerful Heavy Metal tunes. Nothing too complex, but their latest album ‘Inmortal’ is a guarantee for repeated listens. An addictive collection of fantastic riffs and melodies.

What originally got me hooked on ‘Inmortal’ was the perfect opening track and first single ‘Quiero Oírte’. With its irresistible sense of hopeful melancholy and a breathtaking chorus to boot, the song got a hold of me and didn’t let me go, despite the fact that I only understand fragments of its lyrics. Like many of WarCry’s songs, the structure of ‘Quiero Oírte’ is relatively simple, but it stays interesting regardlessly, which is impressive in itself. Structure-wise and melodically, the song has sort of a Hardrock vibe, but Pablo García’s riffing and high-speed soloing keeps it firmly within the Metal realm.

Listening to ‘Inmortal’ a couple of times made me realize the album is divided into two distinct halves. The first half consists of simpler, yet brutally effective Power Metal anthems such as the awesome ‘La Maldición Del Templario’ with its larger than life chorus and the aforementioned ‘Quiero Oírte’. A full album of those, however, would get boring at some point. Singer and chief songwriter Víctor García must have foreseen that; starting with the fantastically dark and brooding ‘Si Te Vas’, the more epic second half starts, resulting in awesome highlights such as the aggressive ‘La Elección’, the atmospheric closer ‘Mi Tierra’ and the surprisingly progressive ‘Keops’, which works its way through multiple climaxes through many unexpected twists and fantastic riffs. That chorus is bound to send chills down your spine.

Individually, not one band member outshines the actual compositions. Pablo García delivers a couple of blazing leads and Víctor García’s gruff, yet melodic vocal style is an important part of what lifts this band above the international Heavy/Power Metal standard, but the songs are the true stars here. Especially keyboard player Santi Novoa seems to understand his role better than many colleagues in the genre; when he’s allowed to shine, its quite obvious that he’s among the genre’s best, but he does just as well providing background atmospherics.

Though WarCry started as a spinoff for the popular Asturian band Avalanch – Víctor García, original drummer Alberto Adines and current bassist Roberto García were part of that band – it’s sort of a blessing that Victor García was asked to leave this band; WarCry is definitely one of the better Power Metal bands around these days. And with these strong melodies and riffs, let’s just hope there will be plenty more to enjoy. Don’t let the language barrier keep you from hearing this.

Recommended tracks: ‘Quiero Oírte’, ‘Keops’, ‘La Maldición Del Templario’, ‘Si Te Vas’, ‘Mi Tierra’


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