A Song For A Day: ‘Hoy Gano Yo’

While I don’t give a rat’s ass about soccer, I won’t let this opportunity pass me by. Today in the 2014 World Championship, the match between Spain and Chile will take place. Obviously, that’s not the match that will keep my entire country busy – Holland plays Australia as well – but once again: I really don’t care. Since Spain got beaten 5-1 in their last game and might need something to boost their spirits, I’m offering them something from one of their own bands. Then again, it might also boost their opponents’ spirits, since Chileans speak Spanish as well.

‘Today I Win’. That’s what ‘Hoy Gano Yo’ translates to. And though it is possible that the game will end in a tie, there’s a bigger chance that one of the teams will be able to utter those words. Statistically at least. And while the lyrics of the song have absolutely nothing to do with sports in any way, it is a tale of personal triumph and believing in who you are.

Víctor García may have experienced said personal triumph through this song as well. He, along drummer Alberto Ardines, was kicked out of Avalanch – one of Spain’s most popular Heavy Metal bands at the time – because they were working on material on the side. Their project, which they named WarCry, became a fulltime band and while the true masterpieces were still a long way ahead of them (2011’s ‘Alfa’ and 2004’s unbelievable ‘Alea Jacta Est’, the self-titled debut was a relatively simple and one-dimensional affair), WarCry became vastly superior to Avalanch and comparable in terms of popularity. The triumph was García’s.

Lyrically, ‘Hoy Gano Yo’ deals with Heavy Metal, plain and simple. About how it’s consistently ignored by mainstream media – though I personally still think that’s a good thing – and how its fans are ridiculed and ostracized. García pleads for unity amongst Heavy Metal audiences, speaking of the victorious feeling of a concert. It’s a common theme in the genre, but it’s effective. ‘Hoy Gano Yo’ was on WarCry’s first album, but it still closes virtually every live set of the band and as you can see on the video, it drives the audiences crazy.

If you like what you see, please consider buying WarCry’s fantastic ‘Omega’ DVD. It’s worth your time and money.

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