Joanne Shaw Taylor and more in Gitarist!

Two months ago, I had an extremely pleasant conversation with British Blues, Rock and Soul singer/guitarist Joanne Shaw Taylor. Regular readers of this weblog may know that I have been an admirer of her work quite some time and that only increased the delight of talking to her about her guitar choices, her songwriting proces and how she got where she is now. The resulting article, including two photos I took of her, is published in this month’s issue of Gitarist, which is in stores right now.

Besides the interview with Joanne Shaw Taylor, there’s a feature dedicated to the new album of Dutch Rockers De Dijk based on a conversation I had with their guitarist Nico Arzbach and one of our Fuzzboxes is dedicated to Richard van Bergen, with whom I had a very interesting conversation about the troubled genesis of his first solo record ‘Rootbag’. Also included is a handful of reviews that I wrote, along with a great deal of product tests and an interview my chief editor Mark van Schaick had with Dutch rising star Jett Rebel.

In a completely unrelated note: in my stats, I saw that someone got to this weblog using the search term “is every female fronted metal band the same?”. Whoever did that, first of all: kudos for the original search term and secondly, thank you for providing me with a belly laugh.

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