More interesting things in Guitarist, part 1

Didn’t I tell you that more interesting things were shaping up for future issues of Gitarist? And this issue doesn’t even feature all of it! Still, there’s a lot of interesting stuff here. I had the chance to interview Vicente Amigo, the first Flamenco artist I ever listened to and we combined that with two other articles to create a Flamenco special. Very interesting even if you’re not primarily interested in the genre. My further contributions include an interview with Belgian Blues singer, guitarist and harmonica player Guy Verlinde – formerly known as Lightnin’ Guy – and I had the chance to sit down with Nijmegen’s amazing Black Bottle Riot to talk about the pleasant surprise that is their new album ‘III: Indigo Blues’. And there’s a variety of reviews, of course!

With David Gilmour’s new album coming up, we’re featuring a masterclass to help you play and sound like the legendary Pink Floyd guitarist. The feature on reverb pedals does sort of complement the Gilmour article as well. As the cover already betrays, we have a lengthy special on the fiftieth anniversary of the legendary Marshall stack. The history of this Rock icon is widely covered in this month’s issue and we have even plugged into a JTM45 Mk II from 1964. Interviews with Derek Trucks and The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins and loads of gear and album reviews round out the issue, so if you’re a guitar enthusiast like me, you shouldn’t pass on this one.

On a personal note: I love this cover. The stack looks just about as road worn as you want it to look and that is one hell of a beautiful Les Paul. This cover will decorate your book stores starting today.

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