My work in stores this week

This month’s issue of Gitarist is once again full of my work. Besides a myriad of reviews, there’s seven pages of interviews from my hand and I must be honest: I’m proud of that. One of them is devoted to Armel Paap from Rondé – which just might be the next big thing in Holland, I wouldn’t be surprised – and three pages each to Brian Pots of psychedelic Rockers Pauw and the amazing Gary Clark Jr.. Clark’s new record ‘The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim’ is one of the best albums I have heard this year and our conversation about the album (on which Clark played almost all the instruments himself) was very interesting. Read all about it! The acoustic guitar special – including lots of easily overlooked basic information – is a very cool read as well.

My contributions to drum magazine Slagwerkkrant are relatively limited, but being the rhythm junkie that I am, I always enjoy talking to drummers. Especially if their band is as interesting as My Baby. Their drummer Joost van Dijck is a cool guy and My Baby’s Voodoo Blues and Trance inspired sound – sounds unlikely, but it’s true, check their new album ‘Shamanaid’ for evidence – is unique. And he’s not the only awesome drummer featured in this month’s issue; former Sugarhill Records house drummer Dennis Chambers, Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain, Typhoon’s Eddy Addai and Primus’ Tim Alexander all have some space devoted to them. And let’s not forget all those product reviews…

Both magazines are in stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, so get them while they still have that amazing new magazine smell!

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