25 years of Gitarist and Walter Trout!

Looking for something to do during these dark, ridiculously warm December days? Maybe you should get the 25th anniversary issue of Gitarist! I’ve been working with the Gitarist crew only for the last seven, but the editors were kind enough to include me in their anniversary special. For every year of Gitarist’s existence, Michiel Roelse analyzes one remarkable guitar related product and I’ve done the same with three guitar albums per year. It was quite some work, but a lot of fun to do and I even discovered a thing or two along the way.

Furthermore, there’s a few reviews from my hand and two interviews. One of them is with Theo van Niel Jr., whose father used to own the Rocky Road record store in downtown The Hague, where I occasionally bought some music. Junior is an amazing lead guitarist and he has shown so on Mojo Man’s very cool self-titled debut album. Also, I spoke to Blues hero Walter Trout for the second time in a year and a half. Last time, he was recovering from hepatitis C; his life was barely saved by a liver transplant and he was so positive about the whole thing that he blew my mind. Now that he’s back performing, his positivity even went through the roof. These two interviews with him have left a lasting impression on me and so has his surprisingly good new record ‘Battle Scars’.

And if that’s not enough for you, there’s loads of interesting product tests and interviews with James Bay and Briqueville to lighten these dark days. In stores now!

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