My second cover story of the year

After seven years of not having any cover stories, I am proud to announce that the second Gitarist with a cover story of my making is in stores now. It’s about ‘Santana IV’, the brand new album that Santana recorded with a majority of the 1971 lineup, including Neal Schon. We didn’t get the chance to interview either Schon or Carlos Santana, but I drew up a profile that explains the relevance of Santana as a guitar player and reviewed the album in the process. As much as I would have loved to have interviewed them, this gave me a freedom as a journalist that I very much enjoyed, I hope it shows!

In addition, there’s an interview with Leif de Leeuw. A very nice guy who got elected best Blues- or Bluesrock guitarist in the Benelux by our readers. We had a nice conversation about the Leif de Leeuw Band’s downright fantastic debut album ‘Leelah’, the equipment he used to record that album and the versatillity he displays as a guitar player and a composer, since he doesn’t just play Blues. There’s a smaller interview I had with guitarist Ruud van Halder of Marutyri, who play some nice Funky Fusion, and there’s interviews from my colleagues with John Scofield, The Posies and John Petrucci. Plus loads of product tests and an album reviews section that I wrote almost entirely by myself.

So please, get over the fact that Carlos Santana looks like Muammar Gaddafi on the cover – as some of our readers have pointed out – and get it while it’s hot! I’m very proud of this issue for sure!

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