My Eurovision predictions for tomorrow

Somehow, my enthusiasm for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest isn’t quite as large as it was last year. This does sound as a no-brainer for a music fan whose usual preference is as far away from the three minute Pop songs from the Contest as it gets, but there’s always a couple of songs that I like and the rest has a certain entertainment value. I must admit that I haven’t been watching as attentively as I usually do, due to deadlines for Gitarist, but most of what I’ve seen was not good enough to be impressive, yet not bad enough to be hilarious. The first semi-final was of a significantly lesser quality than the second one on Thursday though.

As a result of the disappointing level of composition – or entertainment – my list of predictions will be a bit shorter than usual, but I’d still like to share a few with you and hope I’m not as wrong as I was last year.

Both non-European countries in the contest – Israel and Australia – will end up in the top 10. I think Australia’s Dami Im – a downright amazing singer – might even beat last year’s number 5 ranking.

Latvia’s Justs will finish last. Seriously, why did people even vote for the song? Second to last: Lithuania’s incredibly poor ‘I’ve Been Waiting For This Night’.

The United Kingdom will receive their highest ranking in ages. Not that Joe & Jake’s ‘You’re Not Alone’ is exceptional, but at least it’s better than anything they’ve done in the last few years.

Out of the “Big Five”, Germany will receive the highest ranking.

Belgium’s entry ‘What’s The Pressure’, co-written by the amazing Selah Sue, will get nowhere near as many votes as the refreshing tune deserves.

My guesses for the top 5, in no particular order: Russia, Armenia, Australia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

Purely based on statistic probability: this year’s winning entry will be sung by a female singer.

As always, I will report on my own top 5 – if I actually manage to find five decent songs – on the day after the Contest.

  1. Completely agree about this year. The last couple, and in particular last year have been fantastic. Perhaps we’ve been a little spoiled. If you get the chance I’d love to hear your though on a similar post I’ve done. Cheers

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