Joe Perry and more in Gitarist!

For anyone who knows me personally, it is not much of a surprise that Joe Perry is the reason I started playing guitar. He is likely also the reason why the Gibson Les Paul is my preferred guitar to this very day. Imagine my joy when, after a meager period when it comes to Gitarist interviews, I got the chance to speak to Perry about his new signature Gibson ‘Gold Rush’ Les Paul Axcess, the new Hollywood Vampires and several other things I have been wondering for all these years I followed his career. Fortunately, he was quite talkative and took a lot of time to answer all my questions. The resulting article is four pages long and even made him grace the cover of Gitarist this month, as you can see above.

There is even more from my hand to be read in this month’s issue of Gitarist, however. At the North Sea Jazz festival, I had a very nice chat with Paul Acket Award winner Julian Lage about interaction with other musicians and how his Telecasters help him to sound more like the jazz guitarist he wants to be than his old archtop guitars ever did. Slightly less conventional is the choice for pedal steel virtuoso Robert Randolph, who is possibly the biggest innovator of the pedal steel by incorporating his love for Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robben Ford and Jimi Hendrix into his steel playing. His funky Family Band is nothing to scoff at either. Randolph is someone who can speak enthusiastically about his instrument and I am glad I was there to capture his enthusiasm for an interview in Gitarist magazine.

If you are a guitar freak, there is definitely more to enjoy here. My colleague Patrick Lamberts spoke to Stef Delbaere, a young Belgian guitarist who has the difficult, yet interesting task of replacing the legendary Erwin Java in King Of The World. George Benson is one of my favorite jazz guitarists – in spite of his horrible show at North Sea Jazz last year – and there is a one page interview with him in the magazine as well, along another wealth of gear reviews and our report about a visit to the Nazareth, Pennsylvania factory where the world-class acoustic guitars of C.F. Martin & Co. are made.

Gitarist is in stores now and if you can read Dutch, I can only urge you to check it out!

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