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Loads of new publications in stores now!

For those of you who need something to read during the dark, family obligation ridden days around Christmas, you may want to consider reading some of the stuff I wrote, because a lot of it appeared in stores these last few days.

Gitarist features two big stories of mine this month. First of all, there’s the interview I had with Estelle Stijkel of the amazing The Jacks. She’s got an awesome, Slash and Jimmy Page influenced style and displays that on a downright awesome custom Les Paul to boot. We talked about her gear and the new release ‘Epic Trois’, the second EP The Jacks released this year. I would like to urge anyone to go out and check The Jacks, because they’re my best “new discovery” of this year. I’m also very proud of the picture I took that is included with the interview. Also, I talked with returning Focus guitarist Menno Gootjes – who incidentally was one of Estelle’s teachers – about his return to the legendary group, his Les Paul Classic, his amps and his general style. I loved his former band Nine Volt as well. I reviewed The Jacks’ combined release of their three EP’s and Bad Brains’ awesome new album and besides that, there’s an interview with John McLaughlin, a special about Fuzz Faces, a feature on Fender reissues and loads and loads more. Be sure to vote for the Gitarist poll as well!

Those of you interested in drums and percussion would do right by checking out the new issue of Slagwerkkrant. Besides the interview I had with Case Mayfield’s new drummer Nienke Overmars about her unexpected inclusion in the singer/songwriter’s touring entourage and her equipment, there’s a very interesting interview my chief editor Mark van Schaick had with Metal drummer extraordinaire Dirk Verbeuren as an introduction to the new segment he will have in the magazine, Ralph Rolle of Chic – a very beloved band for yours truly – is interviewed and among the others interviewed are Thomas Lang and Chris Dave. As you can see: we’re covering lots of different genres with equal love for rhythms!

Digging deeper into the technical side of recording music, Interface will deliver. My input in this month’s issue is limited to an interview with The Gathering’s RenĂ© Rutten about the recordings of their brand new album ‘Disclosure’ – a different take on the same conversation appeared in last month’s issue of Gitarist – but there’s more interesting stuff in there. In-depth analysis on the Korg Krome, Cakewalk Sonar X2 and many other new software and hardware releases, something really interesting for me in the shape of a workshop on recording acoustic guitars and interviews, including one with Benny Blanco, who is responsible for two of the biggest abominations on the radio at the moment (‘Move Like Jagger’ and ‘Diamonds), but it’s an insightful interview nonetheless.

And if that’s not enough for you… There will no doubt be more reviews on here. Let’s not forget that the year is nearly at an end and that allows me to do the only thing I like about these festivities: end-of-year-lists!