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Joe Perry and more in Gitarist!

For anyone who knows me personally, it is not much of a surprise that Joe Perry is the reason I started playing guitar. He is likely also the reason why the Gibson Les Paul is my preferred guitar to this very day. Imagine my joy when, after a meager period when it comes to Gitarist interviews, I got the chance to speak to Perry about his new signature Gibson ‘Gold Rush’ Les Paul Axcess, the new Hollywood Vampires and several other things I have been wondering for all these years I followed his career. Fortunately, he was quite talkative and took a lot of time to answer all my questions. The resulting article is four pages long and even made him grace the cover of Gitarist this month, as you can see above.

There is even more from my hand to be read in this month’s issue of Gitarist, however. At the North Sea Jazz festival, I had a very nice chat with Paul Acket Award winner Julian Lage about interaction with other musicians and how his Telecasters help him to sound more like the jazz guitarist he wants to be than his old archtop guitars ever did. Slightly less conventional is the choice for pedal steel virtuoso Robert Randolph, who is possibly the biggest innovator of the pedal steel by incorporating his love for Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robben Ford and Jimi Hendrix into his steel playing. His funky Family Band is nothing to scoff at either. Randolph is someone who can speak enthusiastically about his instrument and I am glad I was there to capture his enthusiasm for an interview in Gitarist magazine.

If you are a guitar freak, there is definitely more to enjoy here. My colleague Patrick Lamberts spoke to Stef Delbaere, a young Belgian guitarist who has the difficult, yet interesting task of replacing the legendary Erwin Java in King Of The World. George Benson is one of my favorite jazz guitarists – in spite of his horrible show at North Sea Jazz last year – and there is a one page interview with him in the magazine as well, along another wealth of gear reviews and our report about a visit to the Nazareth, Pennsylvania factory where the world-class acoustic guitars of C.F. Martin & Co. are made.

Gitarist is in stores now and if you can read Dutch, I can only urge you to check it out!

Get your jazz on with Gitarist!

Having done six interviews at the North Sea Jazz festival in July, there’s a serious focus on jazz in this month’s issue of Gitarist. If you see only five, that’s because we will feature Belgian jazz legend Philip Catherine in a larger article in next month’s issue – you heard it here first!

That doesn’t mean this month’s artists are not worth reading about. What about widely beloved guitarist Bill Frisell? I had the opportunity to talk with this extremely friendly musician about his massive discography. Also, after being impressed thoroughly by Roosevelt Collier’s unconventional work on the lap steel with Bokanté last year, we could not pass up upon hearing he played the festival again. Oz Noy and Adam Rogers are big names in modern fusion and Pascal Danaë combines delta blues and Guadeloupian sounds in this remarkably full-sounding trio Delgres. If you want to know more about their sounds and approaches, these interviews are the way to go.

Besides that, we have a large special about improving your guitar playing technique, my colleagues have spoken with Guthrie Govan and The Pineapple Thief and there are loads of album and gear reviews. That should still your guitar appetite until the next issue.

Surprisingly metallic contributions to this month’s Gitarist

My contributions to this month’s issue of Gitarist have been surprisingly metallic. Balance is delivered by other authors’ pieces this month. First off, I had an interview with Rafael Bittencourt and Marcelo from Angra about their fantastic new album ‘Ømni‘. We talked about more interesting stuff than the article allowed room for, so please stay tuned: everything else we talked about will be published about in English on this very weblog later this week. Furthermore, the interview I had with Spoil Engine guitarists Steven ‘Gaze’ Sanders and Bart Vandeportaele is published with two live photos I took in his month’s guitarist.

And most relaxingly, I have taken the time to talk with Merel Bechtold, my friend of many years, about the recording of Purest Of Pain’s album ‘Solipsis’. Many years ago, we gigged together a couple of times, so it already seems like Purest Of Pain has been around forever, but due to her busy gigging schedule with Delain and Mayan, she finally found the time to finish the album. It sounds good; everyone who likes modern, Scandinavian style melodic death metal should certainly give the album a spin. You will not regret it.

Moreover, Michael Landau talks with us about his thoroughly enjoyable new album ‘Rock Bottom’ and there are loads and loads of gear reviews and background articles. If guitars and guitarists interest you and you can read Dutch, I can’t advise you enough to check this thing out. It is in stores now.

Read about Zakk Wylde’s guitars in Gitarist

Recently, I have sat down with Zakk Wylde to talk about the new Black Label Society album ‘Grimmest Hits’, but more importantly, the equipment of Wylde Audio. A couple of years ago, Wylde surprisingly said farewell to his trusted Gibsons and Marshalls and started manufacturing his own gear. Gitarist was of course very curious about his ongoing guitar projects and much to my surprise, the interview was chosen to be this month’s cover story. If you are curious about the guitars that Wylde has been working on and you live in Holland or Belgium, I can only recommend you to pick up the issue of Gitarist, which is in stores now.

That is not all there is, of course. As usual, I took a majority of the music reviews upon me, but there are also lots and lots of gear reviews in the magazine as well. In addition, there are some very insightful interviews with master luthier Makoto Terasaki from acoustic guitar giant Takamine and Adrian Emsley of amplifier brand Orange, the latter of which I actually use equipment of myself.

In the last few weeks, I have been working on a few other interesting interviews and features, so please stay tuned!

Queens of the Stone Age in Gitarist

Though the Queens of the Stone Age are notoriously secretive about their gear, I was given the chance to chat with Troy Van Leeuwen and Dean Fertita about the recordings of their new album ‘Villains’. The article I have written as a result of this interview is published in both Gitarist and Music Maker this month. They still didn’t give a lot of specifics about the particular equipment – though Van Leeuwen was quite happy to share a few things – I was proved with a nice glimpse into their recording process, which makes the article an interesting read, if I say so myself. Both magazines are in stores right now!

Gitarist also contans an interview I had with front man Joe from Belgian speed metal band Evil Invaders about their somewhat surprising new album ‘Feed Me Violence’. Also, if you’re into jazz in all of its forms, make sure you check out bass magazine De Bassist this month, as it contains an article I have written based on my interview with Benjamin J. Shepherd. No, not the Soundgarden bassist, but he is an incredible bass player – on double bass as well as both fretted and fretless electric bass – and a very enthusiastic guy, basically guaranteeing a fun read.

Coverstory and loads of other interviews in Gitarist

Triggerfinger frontman Ruben Block graces the cover of Gitarist this month. Their brand new album ‘Colossus’ is of course the reason why we put him on the cover. I am glad to say that I am the one who provided the interview. It was fun talking with Ruben about the recordings of the album as well as his vast collection of interesting guitars, amplifiers and effects. This Belgian trio is one of the friendliest, most polite groups I have ever had the pleasure of interviewing and if you are at all interested in them, I would strongly recommend getting this month’s issue of Gitarist in order to read all about them.

That is not all though.  I also went to the North Sea Jazz festival for the magazine in early July. I had the opportunity to speak with six musicians from five wildly different acts there. Wolfgang Muthspiel is probably the most traditionally jazzy, although this Austrian guitarist also has a lot of classical influences. Eivind Aarset from Norway is a big name in modern guitar jazz and a friendly guy with whom I enjoyed talking about his playing and his enormous number of effects. Jon Herington has been playing with Steely Dan for eighteen years and gave me a lot of interesting insights in his other musical endeavors. Then there are the Dutch artists. Jeangu Macrooy overwhelmed me with his amazing debut album ‘High On You’ earlier this year and I had the chance to speak with him and his lead guitarist Gijs Batelaan at the festival, while I have already known Estelle Stijkel for many years due to her involvement with The Jacks. She was at North Sea Jazz to accompany Kovacs at a show that was possibly the most pleasant surprise of the weekend.

And that’s just what I contributed, along the reviews section that includes a big review on the amazing new album by For All We Know, the solo project of Within Temptation guitarist Ruud Jolie. There is also a big special about playing slide guitar, which also includes former Urban Dance Squad guitarist René van Barneveld and the amazing young blues/rock/prog guitarist Leif de Leeuw. My colleage Patrick spoke to Diablo Blvd. about their new album and there’s loads of new gear to discover. That will get you through the month!

Steven Wilson talking about his new record in Gitarist

My contributions to this month’s issue of Gitarist are relatively limited in number, but still interesting. First and foremost, I had a very pleasant conversation with prog rock legend Steven Wilson about his new album ‘To The Bone’. It is surprisingly low-key and poppy, considering the way his last few releases sound, but that does not make it any less interesting. If anything, it makes a better interview subject for sure. There is also a short interview with the young “psychedelic grunge” quartet Mantra from Haarlem, whose debut EP impressed me enough to want to give them some more attention. And there is a handful of reviews, of course.

In addition, I can really recommend reading the interview with The Black Keys’ frontman Dan Auerbach and the feature about the availability of rosewood. In combination with the gear reviews and the practical lessons for guitarists, there is no reason to leave this issue on the shelves if you have any interest in the instrument. It is in stores now.