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Textures and other guitar heroes in Gitarist

Sometimes, I’m just extremely proud to see my work in Gitarist. Case in point: the interview with Bart Hennephof and “new kid” Joe Tal in Gitarist. I’m quite content with how the story turned out, but I’m also happy that the magazine used the pictures I took there. Be sure to read it if it interests you and if you haven’t yet, check out their new record ‘Phenotype’, because it is quite likely their best record so far. Surprisingly, it’s both their most progressive and their most accessible work thus far. Definitely worth your time.

That’s not the only thing I did for this month’s issue. I talked with Birth Of Joy frontman Kevin Stunnenberg about their fantastic new album ‘Get Well’, I spoke to Monomyth guitarist Thomas van den Reydt about making new music to the classic German movie ‘Das Kabinett Des Dr. Caligari’, I spoke to Joe Bonamassa about being elected Guitarist of the Year by our readers to augment an interview about his brand new album ‘Blues Of Desperation’ and I had a nice chat with JD Simo about the clinic he will give at Max Guitar on April 9th. And there’s a wealth of reviews as well, most notably Zakk Wylde’s new acoustic based album – I was pleasantly surprised – and Myrath’s stellar new album, which was Album of the Week on this blog a couple of weeks ago.

And that’s not where the fun stops. There’s a big feature on guitar and bass strings, there’s an interview with slide guitar queen Bonnie Raitt, Steven Wilson tells us about his guitar history and there’s loads and loads of product tests. Did I mention it’s in stores today?